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The Bridesmaid's




The Bridesmaid's Butler offers a variety of services to ensure that you not only fulfill your role as a Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor, but that your bride and bestie has the bach, shower and overall engagement that she always wanted. The Bridesmaid's Butler offers various packages ranging from destination Bachelorette planning, to step-by-step assistance throughout the engagement. 

Please see our packages below to find the perfect fit for you!

Email us to schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your personal plans, tasks, and visions of events as the Bridesmaid, or Maid of Honor, and receive a custom quote today.

Bachelortte Party Planner
  • Let The Bridesmaid’s Butler assist with all the planning, prep and party needs for your besties bachelorette party! The Bridesmaid’s Butler specializes in destination bachelorette bash’s and will assist the MOH and bridesmaids with the full planning process. After a quick survey to better understand the bride’s personality, and the feel for the bachelorette, the Bridesmaid’s Butler will supply a detailed itinerary of events for a full weekend celebration. We assist with everything needed from reservations to décor and fun favors.

Bachelorette and Shower Planner
  • Bridal showers today have come a long way from the hosted Sunday breakfast at the parents’ house. As the bridal party has begun to take on more of the responsibility of shower hosting, it can be overwhelming finding a place and planning a unique experience for the bride, as well as all the guests. Our “Bach & Shower” package takes away the stress of these event plans and assists with planning a shower that fits the brides personality, within the budget of the bridal party throwing the event.

"The Extra Mile"
  • Our all-inclusive package does it all! Our team specializes in ensuring that our bridesmaid’s not only fulfill their traditional duties, but that they make the whole engagement special, unique and memorable for the bride. Our full-service package includes all details and assistance needed for bridesmaids throughout the whole engagement. In addition to bachelorette and shower planning, we assist with the role of the bridesmaids through wedding dress shopping, bridesmaid’s dress shopping, engagement parties, day of wedding prep, even MOH and bridesmaid’s speeches!

Decor packages 
  • The Bridesmaid’s Butler is all about the décor and insta-worthy shots. Based on the event details, the Bridesmaid’s Butler will ship a customized party box with all décor essentials to make your event special. As no box is the same, see some of our recent event pics to see our décor style.



Destination Bachelorettes

Bach Favors




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